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Desaignes, Village of character, 6 km (9 min)


Let's visit the fortified village of Desaignes, its castle and its museum!

To Désaignes, small village of character, go off to explore 2000 years of History(Story)!
First trade ways which connected(bound) the valley of the Rhône in lamontagne inhabitant of Ardèches, until the peak of the village in the Middle Ages: a whole world built itself in this small city(estate) hidden in the middle of the lands of Picodon cheese, sweet chestnuts and agricultural terraces …
The village of Désaignes hides many treasures!
Currencies, thermal baths and Roman villas plunge us into the first golden ages of the city(estate), several centuries before JC!
His(Her,Its) old fortress takes us until XIIth century …
In the old medieval village, ramparts knew how to resist time(weather).
Former(Old) three doors are there today visible: 

The door of the Village of the Man and his typical machicolations,

The door Janot

The door of Fornate marked with the weapons of the family Retourtour.

The real stroll through centuries!

Distance : 6,2km