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44 - 63 km


THE GARDEN OF TRAINS ARDECHOIS, miniature Ardèche 44 km (1h) Official website

The garden of Ardéchois Trains offers an unusual visit for children and adults in an exceptional setting of the Ardèche! On a huge model of 2800 m², the fruit of 25 years of passion the sound systems trains pass through stations, tunnels and rivers of 900 bonsai and 1000 figures. The Ardèche landscapes are true to the famous Pont d'Arc, Mont Gerbier de Jonc, Cascade Ray Pic, Castle of Crussol reproduced ... Course Discovery Virtual travel, videos, games, refreshments, Shop gift.

PEAUGRES, large animal safari park, 60 km (1:15) - Official website

4 continents over 80 hectares, a journey into the depths of animal life. Welcome to the biggest wildlife park in Rhône-Alpes! On foot, by bus, by car, park your offers all kinds of escape. You travel to Madagascar to Poland, contact the unusual style and our familiar friends caress as livestock. Africa, North America and the Asian countries meet in the Safari de Peaugres.

CASCADE OF RAY PIC 52 km (1:20) - Official website

Located in the city Péreyres in Ardèche, small village takes on one of the roads to the Ardèche mountains, the waterfall of Ray Pic is a great spectacle for the eyes and a mecca of tourism in the Ardèche.

MOUNT GERBIER PIPE, 58 kilometers (1:20) - Official website

Mount Gerbier rush more than a mountain, it is a beautiful symbol of the Ardeche. Located in the municipalities of Saint-Martial and Saint-Eulalie, Mont Gerbier de noise culminates in 1551 meters. From the foot of the Mont Gerbier de Rush, allows a track to climb 150 meters of ascent easily provided, be well equipped. The rise is more pleasant than the view at the top is excellent. In the foreground flower meadows and herds (spring or summer); in the background, the chain of juices and around the Ardèche plateau; Next, when visibility permits, the chain of Mont Blanc in the Alps Ecrins.


THE PALACE OF FACTEUR CHEVAL 63 km far (1:25) - Official website

The Ideal Palace or Castle Postman Cheval, is a monument of Ferdinand Cheval factor from 1879 to 1912 built and is located in Hauterives France. It is classified as historical monuments on 23 September 1969th