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63 - 123 km


BESORGUES- CANYONING, 63 kilometers (1:30) - Official website

Located in Besorgues valley and near the beautiful Cevennes course our Canyon Base offers a space dedicated to canyoning in Ardèche (07).
The concept of the Canyon base is ideal for a group in your adventure to find stay in Ardèche: family, friends, students, seminars.
Escapade nature in the heart of the Ardèche. Explore the base of the gorge Besorgues: Activities in rivers or in the countryside (canyoning, caving, via ferrata, climbing, etc.) for all ages suitable (family, children, friends ...) and with experienced guides for your safety.
Open daily from Saturday 25 to 4 June-September. Reservations from March 26 to June 24 to September 5 to 13 of November.

THE WORLD OF ELVES, 83 kilometers (1:30) - Official website

The wonderful world of fairies and enchanted forest: elves, trolls, dwarves; in, out, they're everywhere.
In the days when animals spoke, lived molting goblins, elves, dwarves, trolls, imps, goblins ... Apparently tired of their dusty tomes, they now live in an old farmhouse, where the best secrets are revealed your stories from last Snow White and the seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Goldilocks .... About a Cricket size that of a goat, they come here and elsewhere. But who are they really? 2 hours a day of relaxation with family or friends. The Enchanted Forest: discover puzzles to share an adventure, an unusual way to meeting the imagination.

FARM CROCODILES, 95 km (1:45) - Official website

Welcome to the fascinating world of reptiles. 10 species of crocodiles, giant tortoises of the Galapagos and Seychelles with a weight of 80 150 kg, lizards, snakes, fish and tropical birds ... it is more than 400 animals, develop the Crocodile Farm! Greenhouses landscaped 8,000 m² and 1,200 m2 and is formed an outside run of 4000m2, it is also a garden of botanical and horticultural interest, since the park has more than 600 exotic species: the largest greenhouse tropical visitable in France. Crocodile Farm also has a support structure for scientific research and the conservation of animal species by a laboratory and hatchery. Events, conferences, playground for children ... At Crocodile Farm, everything is set successfully for the release of family!


CAVE CHAUVET, the Pont d'Arc cave, 123 kilometers (2:10) - Official website

In the heart of Ardèche, represents the Pont-d'Arc Cave the oldest masterpiece of humanity: an extraordinary collection of paintings, drawings and engravings, dated - 36 thousand years. After admiring the cave, you can continue to explore the prehistoric world in our showrooms that will show you the Aurignacian culture, techniques parietal and animals that once served as a model for our ancestors. Real scientific achievement, technological and artistic achievement of the cave gave birth to a second exhibition, you will also be asked. You will discover the most important steps of this unique building in the world.